Christian Seeney

Hi, my name is Christian Seeney and welcome to Life In Economy.

Writing an ‘about’ page is incredibly challenging, I genuinely did not think it would be this hard.

Right, let’s give it a go.

For me, travelling does not start when I arrive in a different country. For me, travelling starts as soon I load the car with my suitcase and begin my journey to the hotel or airport. I could quite easily sit on a plane for hours and hours, land and then return on the same day. I am a person who enjoys the whole travel experience.

I created Life In Economy to share my experiences with you. I am not fortunate enough to travel for business. I do not get paid enough to put thousands of pounds on to a credit card to earn enough points for a business or first class flight and I definitely do not earn enough to pay for those kind of flights outright. So I fly in economy and premium economy, which in today’s age is very cheap (well economy is).

Life In Economy was created to show you that travel is cheaper than ever. With low-cost carriers on the rise and legacy airlines lowering their ticket prices to compete, we could not have it any better at the moment. My aim is to share the travel options available to ensure you get the best value for money. As this site grows, so will the services offered. I hope to be able to share flight deals, hotel deals, package deals and so much more!

So in the early days, please bear with me, I am still learning and my content will hopefully continue to improve.

I will also be creating my own clothing line later this year with news and details being shared throughout the year.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you found your stay useful. To ensure you do not miss out on anything, I would highly recommend signing up to our newsletter. You can sign up by clicking here.