REVIEW: ibis Hotel, Amsterdam City Centre

My work colleagues and I visited Amsterdam for a quick weekend trip to celebrate a successful year for the company and to enjoy some time away. We were looking for a hotel that was centrally based and had the bare essentials for our stay. We decided to stay at the ibis Amsterdam Centre as it was located centrally, had all that we needed for our two-night stay and was very well priced. The hotel is a 1-2-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station and was perfectly placed to access the centre of Amsterdam quickly.

Here is my review of the Twin ibis Beds and One Extra Bedroom at the ibis Amsterdam Centre Hotel.

Arrival and Check-In

We arrived at the hotel at approximately 11:30pm on Friday night. It seemed that quite a few people had also taken late flights as all the staff were attending to guests and the lobby was full of guests waiting to check in.


The reception was designed in a way I have not seen before. The receptionist’s worked from a desk in front of the counter which created a more personal encounter as there was no desk between the customer service agent and me.

Although the hotel was very busy, we were quickly seen. We had pre-booked and pre-paid for our hotel room meaning the receptionist only had to check our passports to confirm the names of the booking. The group all had separate rooms around the hotel and we all set off to find our rooms.

The Room

My group were given room 563 on the 5th floor. It is hard to explain but the hotel is split into two blocks with floors 1-4 in one block and floors 5-9 in another block. To access floors 1-4, you need to take the elevator from the lobby to your floor. To access floors 5-9, you also need to take the elevator from the lobby to the 5th floor and cross a hallway bridge and take another elevator to your floor.

Room 563

Room 563 was the new Twin ibis beds With One Extra Bed. We had this room because there was three of us sleeping in this room.

Room Layout

The room was not very spacious because there was an additional single bed added and the storage space was limited. You cannot open your suitcase and just leave it open and out because there is very little room to move.


The single beds were placed together and if you moved them apart, one of the beds would be blocking the entrance to the bathroom. Surprisingly, the bed was comfortable and okay to sleep on, but I found the pillow to be too soft, which seems to be my main issue with hotels.

Storage Space

The storage space available would be perfect for guests who take out all the contents of their suitcase as the suitcase could be placed in the wardrobe area and clothing and shoes could be placed on the shelves next to it. As we were only staying for two nights, we did not empty our suitcase and instead, laid our suitcases on the floor whilst using them and then closed them when finished due to lack of space in the room.

A flat-screen television with international channels was available and we did make use of this once, but I did not pay attention to what we were watching. A telephone, information sheets and a safety box were also situated in the room, we did not make any use of these items.

Only two charging plugs in the whole room

To my surprise, I believe there were only two plugs available in the whole room. I say I believe because we searched in the regular places you may find a plug, but we did not see any and I cannot be certain if there were any hidden away. This was not ideal considering there were three people sleeping in this room with the need to charge their devices.


The bathroom reminded me of the bathroom facility that my old university had in one of their halls, it was small but functional. There were three hand towels and three bath towels prepared for us on arrival. The hotel asks that you use your towels for the duration of your stay as they are trying to help save the environment by minimising the number of washes they need to do, therefore not needing to use any electricity.

The shower area was very spacious and provided a lot of room. The shower was good and produced a good amount of pressure. My only issue with the shower was the temperature gauge. It was very hard to find the perfect temperature and the shower was either too hot or too cold but never the perfect temperature.


The bathroom also had a hair dryer on the wall and a plug for toothbrush chargers and shavers.

Services and Amenities

The hotel does not offer any services that I have previously seen at other hotels I have stayed in. The hotel does have a restaurant and bar and depending on your booking, breakfast is included during your stay. The amenities inside of the room include a sweet bed, a safe deposit box, satellite/cable colour TV and Wi-Fi. I cannot comment on the Wi-Fi speed and reliability as I did not make use of this service during my stay. If you require an iron during your stay, this can be requested at reception. The channels available on the TV are the standard main channels.

On-Site Dining

The hotel has a restaurant, a bar and a small convenience store inside the hotel. Breakfast is served in the dining area on the first floor and is available during the morning. As mentioned earlier, depending on your booking, breakfast is included during your stay.

The all you can eat breakfast buffet provides with a variety of food choices including a new seasonal special every two-months, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, various pieces of bread and more. Freshly ground coffee and fruit juices are the drinks available. I would advise not arriving at breakfast near the end of the time slot as the food is not changed consistently which limits your food choices. The restaurant was closed during our time at the hotel.


  • Central Location
  • Well priced
  • The option for breakfast to be included
  • Right next to the central train station
  • A little convenience store is on site


  • Limited space in the room
  • Only one power socket in the whole room
  • Soft pillows

Final Say

This hotel and room met our needs perfectly. We wanted a centrally based hotel, close to central station and for a reasonable price and that is exactly what we got. The breakfast provided was average and the small shop on site was convenient. On the other hand, having three beds in a double bedroom was restricting and having only one power socket available was not ideal.

If you are looking for a hotel based in the centre of Amsterdam and just need a room to sleep in and leave your stuff, this hotel is perfect. If you would prefer a comfier sleep and a more spacious room, you may have to look at other options and pay more for the luxury.

Have you stayed at the ibis in the centre of Amsterdam before? What were your thoughts? Share them below in the comments.


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