REVIEW: No1 Lounge, Gatwick South Terminal

As part of the premium economy package with Norwegian, I was allowed access to the No1 Lounge in Gatwick’s South Terminal. Normally access to this lounge would cost an adult £30, a child £18 and if you are Priority Pass member, free access (depending on your Priority Pass plan).

The lounge is located after security and the entrance is in-between Dixon’s and JD Sports. Guidance is provided to the lounge via signs and is very easy to locate. The lounge is open 4am-10pm, 7 days a week.

Below is my review of the No1 Lounge, Gatwick South Terminal.


My flight was due to depart at 6am, so I arrived at the airport in good time to access the lounge and enjoy the amenities available. The lounge does not open until 4am so there was a small queue to enter the lounge. When it was my turn to be seen, the receptionist asked for my boarding pass to ensure I was eligible to enter the lounge. After checking me in, the receptionist gave me directions to enter the lounge and wished me a pleasant day and flight.

No1 Lounge, Gatwick South Terminal
Seating area
Seating area
IMG_1011 2
Seating area

The lounge is a good size and offers plenty of different seating options to suit everyone. The lounge also offers fantastic panoramic views of the Gatwick Runway. There is also one seating pod available in the top right corner of the lounge which can seat a group of people.

Quiet area

Although the lounge is very quiet and peaceful, there is still a quiet area for anyone who prefers to be in complete silence during their time in the lounge.

Choice of magazines

The lounge also provides a variety of magazines and newspapers for passengers to read during their time in the lounge.


Although there is free wifi provided in the lounge, there are two computers available for use during your time in the lounge.

Sports area

For those of you who love sports, the lounge offers an area dedicated to watching sports channels.

Food menu

During your time in the No1 Lounge, you are allowed one choice from the menu with an extra dish being charged at £4 per dish.

Drink facilities
Drink facilities

As well as the food provided from the menu, passengers are welcome to complimentary drinks (excluding champagne which can be purchased for a £6 fee) and complimentary food from the self-selection area which includes croissants amongst other choices.

Final thoughts

This was my first ever lounge experience and one I thoroughly enjoyed. The staff were pleasant, the food was served quickly and was very enjoyable, the facilities were very good and the atmosphere was peaceful. As mentioned earlier in this review, the lounge access came with my premium economy ticket.

If you are a frequent flier from Gatwick Airport (or any airport for that matter), I would look into purchasing a Priority Pass as I believe you will get more for your money and you will be able to use this pass in other lounges around the world too. However, if you fly once a year from Gatwick, paying to enter the lounge is not a bad idea and it is a great way to prepare for your flight.

DISCLAIMER: The premium economy ticket was purchased using my own money. I am not in partnership with Norwegian or No1 Lounge and all views in this review are my own.

















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