REVIEW: Aspire Double Room, Bloc Hotel at London Gatwick Airport

I was scheduled to fly out of Gatwick at 9:20am on Saturday morning and due to my home being in Oxfordshire and Gatwick being 2 hours away by train, I did not really fancy getting up incredibly early and facing the possibility of train delays. So, I did what any normal person would do, I booked a hotel.

I chose the Bloc Hotel mainly because the hotel is based in the south terminal of the airport where my flight was departing from and because they have also partnered with Norwegian which allows you to gain points for your booking.

After a nightmare train journey to Gatwick with all trains to the airport being delayed or cancelled I finally arrived at around 8:30pm. The Bloc Hotel reception is located on 3rd floor and if you are arriving by train you will need to go up one floor to the reception.

Bloc Hotel Reception

Check in was very quick and easy, the receptionist asked me if I had ever stayed at the hotel before. Due to this being my first time she told me about what to expect in my room and explained that all the lights, air-conditioning and blinds were controlled by the tablet in the wall.

When I booked my room in the hotel, I requested a room with a view of the airport and runway and the hotel gave me room 844 on the 8th floor which is the last room on the floor. I must mention that although I requested a room with a view, sadly these are not always available.

8th-floor hallway
Room 844 entrance

To access floor 4 and above you need to be staying at the Bloc Hotel and with the use of your room key card, the lift only gives you access to the floor your room is on.

After entering my room and standing at the window admiring the view the hotel had kindly given me, I went to grab some dinner. I fancied a Nando’s but the receptionist informed me that the restaurant was through security but directed me to a restaurant called Giraffe which was just around the corner from the hotel. The restaurant was not very busy and I sat in a quiet corner as I was eating alone. Immediately after sitting down the waitress came over to ask how I was and would I like something to drink. The waitress recommended the ‘whiskey cooler” cocktail and I also ordered a bacon cheeseburger with skin on fries which were recommended by the waitress.

My meal at the Giraffe restaurant

After dinner, I headed back to my hotel room to relax for the rest of the evening. The rooms are quite small but as most people only use the hotel for overnight stays before their flight the next day, you only need a small space.

As I mentioned, the view from my room was incredible and I spent most of the evening watching planes take off, land and move around the airport.

The morning airport view from the bedroom 

I booked the Aspire Double room and the room had a king bed with four pillows, a mounted smart TV, a bathroom, a desk, a control tablet, a wardrobe and an area to relax and take in the views.

Aspire Double Room – Bed
Aspire Double Room – Smart TV
Aspire Double Room – Shower
Aspire Double Room – Sink & Toilet
Aspire Double Room – Desk


Aspire Double Room – Control Tablet


Aspire Double Room – Wardrobe
Aspire Double Room – Relaxing Area 

I woke up very early because I wanted to get a time-lapse of the airport whilst the sun was rising and I set my camera up and got back into bed to flick my attention between the airport and the TV. The bed was incredibly comfy and although my sleep was only 5 hours and 45 minutes long, I felt okay when I woke up. Despite being next to the airport and runway, you barely hear the sound of the airport meaning you can get a good nights sleep before your flight the next day. The only disappointment about this booking is that coffee and tea making facilities aren’t available in the room and although two bottles of water are provided, a coffee in the morning is the best way to start the day.

Checking out was incredibly quick with the receptionist asking how my stay was and then proceeding to wish me a safe and pleasant flight.

Final Say:

I was incredibly excited about staying in the Bloc Hotel and I cannot complain about my whole experience. The room has exactly what you need for your airport stay, a bed, a shower, a TV, workstation, helpful staff and if you ask, a fantastic view. When I fly from Gatwick again in the future, I will always book with Bloc Hotel and I could not rate them high enough.

Disclaimer: The room at the Bloc Hotel was paid using my own money and I am not in partnership with the hotel. All opinions stated in this review are my own.



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