Christian Seeney


Welcome to lifeineconomy.com.

I am Christian Seeney, a 25-year-old male who lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire. I work full time as a Business Development Manager for a recruitment agency and I love to travel. My habit of travelling started in 2016 where I visited four European cities and wrote about my experiences.

I created lifeineconomy.com because I feel that other travel blogs/websites only cover the luxuries that can make your travel experience better but sadly not everyone can afford this type of travel. Yes, you can travel using points to subsidise the cost but again, sadly not everyone can build up the number of points needed to experience the first class lifestyle.

So here we are. Across the lifeineconomy.com site, you will mainly find reviews of flights, hotels and lounges. In the future, I hope to increase content to include news, deals and tips to help make your travelling experience as easy as possible. But for now, please use my site to research a potential flight, hotel or lounge!

I hope you enjoy your time on lifeineconomy.com and I hope you find the content useful.

Christian James Seeney

Wednesday 27th March 2019.